What things should you look for when hiring a virtual assistant?

So you’ve decided to hire a Virtual Assistant. But what are the qualities of a good Virtual Assistant? How can you find the perfect Virtual Assistant based on your needs? 

There’s many things that you might be looking for specifically in your Virtual Assistant but these are the most important factors to be looking for. All good Virtual Assistants must be:


Good Communication is the key to solving many workplace problems especially with an Assistant that is virtual. A virtual assistant must be able to actively listen and coordinate with you at a high level, resulting in a more efficient workflow.


It is critical that a VA is dependable and coordinated. They will be handling or dealing with your objectives and timetables and as such they should be on time and must be able to fulfill time constraints and meet deadlines.

  1. Professional: A work environment requires experts or professionals for it to work at full throttle. Beyond just being an expert, they should be professional in all regards of the word. This means joining you on video calls, conferences and looking like a professional doing it.
  2. Technologically savvy: The nature of working remotely means you will often face technical difficulties and you will not be there to solve those for your VA. So Tech-Savvy VA is critical in making sure operations run smoothly.
  3. Self-motivated: Virtual Assistants often work on their own with very little guidance or hand-holding from you. As such a virtual assistant should be self-motivated in the sense that they strive to better themselves and their work. You should be able to leave your VA with little input and the ought to have the skills and motivation to put in the effort required to produce amazing work on their own.
  4. Qualified: Depending upon your work there will be certain situations where you would have to recruit a VA with a particular capability or qualification. In these cases it is important to check their qualifications and test their mastery over the subject matter.

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